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Become a DTS Sponsor!

At Dominion Theological Seminary we are committed to assisting men and women of God to achieve their educational and spiritual goals. Founded in its Charismatic heritage, Dominion Theological Seminary is focused on teaching Students to be grounded in the word of GOD. Our teaching promotes a vibrant, prayer focused and spiritual atmosphere.

You can be a part of assisting a person with a call of God on their life and helping them obtain a diploma certificate from the seminary. This will benefit both the person and ministry ensuring they are equipped with the spiritual knowledge and disciplines necessary to be an effective Christian leader.

Students preparing for pastoral or lay ministry can benefit greatly from personal, financial and prayerful support from their pastoral leaders, friends, family, brothers and sisters from their home church and community.


Sponsor a student to study any of our Seminary Courses

  1. Certificate in Christian Ministry- (1 Semester of Study)
    This program covers a broad range of topics integrating the fundamentals of the Apostolic faith with the sound theological knowledge required to fulfil our Great Commission mandate.

  2. Advanced Certificate in Christian Ministry – (2 Semesters of Study)
    Students will be taught the scriptural necessity for spiritual maturity in character and optimizing the modern marketing and communicating trends of spreading the Gospel. The course will also examine our historic biblical and charismatic origins and the principles that govern holistic discipleship development.


  1. Diploma in Apostolic Christian Ministry – (4 Semesters of Study)
    Our Diploma program covered over 4 semesters, offers students the indispensable insights and holistic strategies to define their ministry purpose and develop their Apostolic calling. The course structure will explore the apostolic mandate within the 5-fold ministry and uncover the principles of building church ministry infrastructure.


Ways to Sponsors

  • Your gift of $20/Ghc equivalent per month for 1 year can provide books and teaching support to students in financial need.
    • Your gift of $50/ Ghc equivalent per month for 1 year can sponsor a student to complete a 1 year Certificate Program
    • Your gift of $100/ Ghc equivalent per month for 1 year can sponsor a student to complete a 2 year Diploma Certificate Program
    • Corporate Sponsorship packages are also available; please contact the Dominion Theological Administration Office for further details.
    For more information, please complete the following form:
    I am interested in sponsoring a student and would like to receive further details on:
    o Sponsoring a regular monthly donation of $20/Ghc equivalent per month
    o Sponsoring a student for a 1 Year Advanced Certificate
    o Sponsoring a student for a 2 Diploma Certificate
    o Corporate Sponsorship Options


Prospective Students
If you are a prospective student, you could also raise funds by identifying 12 people, family or friends who would be willing to sponsor you and spread the cost of your tuition between them. You will be able to fund a 2 Year Diploma Program and your 12 sponsors will receive regular updates on your progress throughout your program. (For further information, contact the Dominion Theological Seminary for details for the 12 Partner Sponsorship Pack)