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Course Description

The DTS Ordination Program leading to Ordination has been established by the Dominion Theological Seminary Board and Management as a charismatic, theological and educational route for DTS Alumni Ministers seeking to serve as Ordained Reverends within the Body of Christ.

Dominion Theological Seminary cooperates with the DTS Assessors Board consisting of Bishops, Clergy and Academic

Professors to offer the course of study program enriched for the 21 st Century ministry context.

This diverse and multi-faceted course program offers candidates the benefit of:

  • Access and teaching from a broad range of Contemporary Charismatic Apostles, Bishops and International Ministry Leaders
  • Practical Hands-On Ministry Experience
  • Teaching of conducting and officiating sacramental services
  • Special sessions of teaching and impartation

This course is for pastors who have completed our DTS 2-Year Diploma Course, have proven ministry experience and who are seeking ordination under Dominion Theological Seminary.

Course instructors include faculty and staff of Dominion Theological Seminary and other ministries as well as experienced pastoral leaders.


The Course of Study is open to ministers who have completed the 2-Year Diploma Program with Dominion Theological Seminary.

All students are expected to complete the Ordination Application Form which should be accompanied with an approval letter from your current Bishop/church leadership.

You will also need to identify a supervisor from within your church that will be responsible for overseeing certain aspect of your Internship/Placement.


The course structure will include:

  • 2 Semester of In-Person study sessions
  • Two (2) Internship/Placements
  • Completion and Submission of Pastoral Portfolio
  • Submission of Sermon Portfolio Presentation
  • Successful completion of DTS Assessors Board Interviews


Please speak with the DTS Administration Office directly for the most up-to-date costs for your required semester of study.

You are advised that Three (3) payments will be required  Academic Study

  • Ordination Procedure, Official letters and Certificates Ordination Honorarium



An application form for enrollment is usually distributed at the Diploma Graduation Ceremony, but in the event that you need an additional copy, they are available to purchase of the DTS Administration Office


All Ordination Programs begin every September Semester.

Once students have completed the entire enrollment process, they will be given access to the study book resources to assist in their studies. Students are STRONGLY encouraged to remain a part of the DTS Main School Chapel Services and DTS community throughout their study.

It is important to remain connected to DTS for all events and programs which are a valuable opportunity for study and fellowship, which contributes to the Course of Study experience.

Book Reading

        Various study journals are available for purchase.