Dominion Theological Seminary



Course Description

This course seeks to impart, equip and empower the true prophet by relevant knowledge and understanding of the anointing. By exploring the area of the Apostolic mandate, it seeks to give clarity on the practical, charismatic and biblical foundation of this critical ministry area.

The program covers the role and importance of the development of spiritual gifts and delves into details the various classes of the prophetic operations within the charismatic ministration.

Course Overview

  • Provide intensive environment to explore the foundations of the prophetic ministry
  • To understand the process of biblical character development for Apostolic rule
  • To development the biblical framework to the ministry and mandate of Prayer & Intercession
  • Through practical experience create the atmosphere for the impartation of gifts, knowledge and the Prophetic


Core Topics

The course topics include but are not limited to:

  • The Ministry and Mandate of Prayer Strategic Prayer & Intercession
  • Development of Spiritual Prayer Disciplines
  • Servanthood & the Character for Prophetic Operation
  • The role, importance and significance of the Holy Spirit


Course Structure

The course consists of 2 semesters of study and will take place:

  • Summer Session Semester — June/July each year
  • February Semester each year



An application forms are available to purchase at the DTS Administration Office or by using the online link to register.


Course Study Options

Saturday Only School Classes.


Day Only – Friday School Classes .

Book Reading

           Various study journals are available to purchase