Dominion Theological Seminary



Dear Seminary student,


Now more than ever, the Spirit filled believers are Leaders are needed to serve in the Kingdom and engage in strategic prayers with wisdom, Knowledge, and understanding. These disciplines need to be ministered, taught and imparted to ensure we are biblically equipped to usher in the end time harvest.

The Dominion Theological Seminary is designed to focus specifically on training Christian leaders to handle and manage the keys of the kingdom, which include effectively preaching the Gospel, leading other with the principles of Christian leadership, practically applying your faith and through your prayers, execute judgement written against the enemy.

As a student of DTS, you will gain a deeper insight into your Dominion Mandate, which is God’s original plan for mankind. God wants man to have Dominion in the earth, but we need to apply ourselves “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of Truth.” 2 Tim 2:15

Throughout your time in this seminary, you will research and gain revelation through the scriptures, explore practical ‘hands on’ ministry and analysis biblical examples of leaders who developed resilient character through life’s challenges.

It is my prayer that every person enrolled, will experience the transforming power of the Spirit of God through these educational programs. Your commitment, dedication and Passion in learning, together with persistence in prayer, will ensure mantles are released to open the heavens and bring God into the matter of illuminating your divine purpose in Ministry.

I pray you every success as you begin this spiritual journey.

Yours for the End -Time Harvest,

His Eminence Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

Know Us Better


Senior Bishop James K. Saah of Action Chapel, Prayer Cathedral, Spintex Road, Accra – Ghana was appointed as President of the Dominion Theological Seminary in January 2020.

Bishop James Saah is well respected amongst ministries for Pastoral counsel, an expertly skilled Bible teacher, and a highly sought-after conference speaker with a unique ability to minister revelational biblical truth within a relevant practical context. In Ghana, he preaches and teaches on all digital media platforms, inspiring men and women to pursue active faith for every circumstance and dimension of ministry.

God has empowered his ministry to develop programs and services such as Jericho Hour which ushered in a greater dimension of faith, healings and miracles to the body of Christ in Ghana and internationally.

His dedication to prayer and commitment in service to Action Chapel International – Prayer Cathedral has contributed to his mandate being fulfilled within various offices and capacities spanning over a 30-year period. With a wealth of church leadership, management and spiritual expertise, Bishop James, is a well-known author, national and international ministerial guest speaker.

Bishop James Saah obtained a Master’s Degree in Governance and Leadership from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) and is the author of 12 books including; the award winning book, The Finger of God.

He and his wife, Agnes, son Emmanuel, and family reside in Accra, Ghana’s capital city.



To provide a charismatic institution which continually raises new generations of men and women for strategic leadership in Apostolic Ministry, infused with sound biblical knowledge and ethical disciplines of servanthood

  • To develop men and women for strategic leadership within the body of Christ, both locally and internationally.
  • To create a spiritual and academic environment in which students can achieve their ministerial destiny and fulfil their divine call of God
  • To mentor and assist students in prayerful and practical ways as they journey through developing spiritual leadership abilities.



  • DTS is committed to the international mandate of the church.
  • DTS is committed to delivering authentic theological education which is sound in doctrine to God’s and promotes the application of ministry internships.
  • DTS is committed to creating a spiritual atmosphere of strategic and prophetic prayer.
  • DTS is committed to lifelong learning for Pastors, Church Leaders and Lay Ministers.
  • DTS is committed to equipping Pastors with strategic leadership capabilities and for effective missionary work.