Dominion Theological Seminary



Course Description

Each Semester consist of 5course subjects taught within a period of (12 weeks). Our program covers a broad range of topics integrating the fundamentals of the Apostolic faith with the sound theological knowledge required to fulfil our Great Commission mandate. Topics include:

  • Ethics of Christian Ministry
  • World of Evangelism and Missions

With the Apostolic Foundations built, in the 2 nd semester of study, students will be taught the scriptural necessity for spiritual maturity in character and optimizing the modern marketing and communication trends of spreading the Gospel. The course will also examine our historic biblical and charismatic origins and the principles that govern holistic discipleship development. Topics include:

  • Contemporary Church Marketing Loyalty and Servanthood.

The context for Apostolic Ministry is directly impacted by changes economically, politically and socially. Our Diploma program during semesters 3 and 4, offers students indispensable insights and holistic strategies to define their ministry purpose and develop their Apostolic calling within the ever-changing nature of their local and national community. The course structure will explore the Apostolic mandate within the 5-fold ministry and uncover the principles of building church ministry infrastructure. Topics include:

  • Corporate Strategic Prayer
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Church Finance and Administration


Course Study Options

Our seminary currently offers you the possibility of enrolling for

  • Day School (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 8:00am to 3:30pm in the afternoon
  • Evening School (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: 5:30pm to 9:30pm in the evening Saturday School only (7am to 7pm in the evening)