Dominion Theological Seminary



Course Description

The Professional Ministry Development Program — (PMDP 001) is the preliminary foundation course for our Mission and Ministry focused two-year Associate Degree program covering essential teaching and training for Charismatic Pastors and Leaders that are relevant for mission and ministry in the 21st century.

Drawing on the Dominion Theological Seminaries expertise over many years training men and women for mission and evangelism, both internationally, this program is designed for people looking to go deeper or who have already engaged full-time ministry or lay ministry.

This dynamic Executive Master Class course will supplement and develop your existing skills whilst challenging and stretching them in new areas of Charismatic and Apostolic Leadership.

Students will take four units of study including — Ethics for Ministry, Ministry Leadership Lessons, The Mantles of Apostolic fathers and Ministry Marketing. Assessment methods are highly practical and include written assignments and recorded presentations. Each course offers a combination of video content, readings and independent study

These courses will be covered over a three-month period and provides the added convenience of being able to be studied to gain a Master Class Certificate — Level 1 or you can continue to cover all 4 levels (4 Semesters of Study) to complete the Associate Degree Program.

Book Reading

           Various study journals and books will be given