Welcome from the Chancellor His Eminence Archbishop NICHOLAS DUNCAN-WILLIAMS

Apostolic Salutations!

Now more than ever, Spirit filed believers and leaders are needed to serve in the Kingdom and engage in strategic prayers with wisdom, knowledge and understanding.These discipline need to be ministered, taught and imparted to ensure we are Biblically equipped to usher in the end time harvest.

The Dominion Theological Seminary in designed to focus specifically on training Christian Leaders to handle and manage the keys of the kingdom which include effectively preaching the Gospel, leading others with the principles of. Christian Leadership, practically applying your faith and through your prayers; execute the judgement written against the enemy.

Your commitment, dedication and passion in learning, together with persistence in prayer, will ensure mantles are release to open the heavens and bring God into the matter of illuminating your divine purpose in Ministry.

The time is now!

Define Your Purpose and Develop Your Call

Yours for the End-Time Harvest,
His Eminence Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams

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