Diploma in Strategic Pastoral Leadership

If you have a passion to see the ministry become all that the Word of God declares it should be, the Advanced Certificate in Strategic Pastoral Leadership has been designed for such students. This course is designed for those that believe God has called them to serve His people and are ready to take spiritual responsibility to develop their leadership gift.

Our goal is to combine the academic content of biblical Theology at the core of the course, with plenty of opportunities for practical experience in ministry. Throughout your studies at DTS, our aim is not to train and develop ‘ordinary pastors’, but to help release the full power and potential of the Spirit of God in you and impart the necessary spiritual disciplines needed for biblical maturity.

This course develops leaders into the practical and ‘hands on’ responsibility of charismatic ministerial leadership. The topics that are included in this course are:

The responsibilities and obstacles of strategic leadership,

 The differences between character and anointing,

 Developing Spiritual vision


Biblical stewardship

The difference between life tests and enduring personal life- processes in order to become a great leader.

The Advanced Certificate outlines the roles and responsibilities in the life of the charismatic Pastor or Minister in leadership

It discusses having an effective biblical ministry and developing a disciplined prayer life.

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