Certificate in Christian Care & Counselling

This course will give an overall view of the need for Christian and Biblical Counseling. It will also familiarize the student with different areas of counseling theories and techniques. Some of the major topics are: the Church as a Healing Community and Group Counseling. It will discuss the various levels of Counseling including family and singles.

This course reveals the area of a Christian’s warfare is primarily in the mind. It discusses identifying demonic traits, and details behavior patterns as seen from a biblical perspective. It will examine the dedication and disciplines necessary for Destiny and Managing the Mind by guarding your heart.

Certificate in Evangelism & Missions

This course develops the grounds and foundation for Spirit Led and genuine witnessing and techniques to effectively minister the Gospel of Salvation. It gives insights into the spiritual and personal disciplines required to authentically and scripturally evangelize. Highlights include the ways to approach various people in different environmental settings.

Broad and varying contexts of Missions and global Missionary Leaders will be explored and identifying the specific needs to be addressed from an African perspective. It will discuss the Great Commissions, the Post Resurrection Ministry and the Voyages of Paul as examples of biblical missions.

Certificate in Charismatic Ministry

The certificate in Charismatic Ministry equips students to adequately investigate and document the rise and significance of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movement in Africa. The course aims to analyze the characteristics and expressions of the charismatic ministry. It will quantify its contribution to global Christianity in Africa and the significant benefits it brings to communities.

The programs aim to:

(1) Review the biblical and theological foundations for Pentecostal and Charismatic faith


(2) Examine the methods of effective Charismatic Ministry to fulfil the Great Commission

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