Mike Eghan Jr

Mike Eghan Jr

I once was lost and now I am found. That day I had between losing a business multi-million business or standing still to do GODS will.

It was a hard and lonely road. Bitter about my loss of income and wondering how I was to head a house of wife, four children and myself. Who would feed, clothe us and pay our fees? Through it all, I learned to depend on him.
I went through an experience that for my age places, countries and numerous experiences could never teach me to save DTS. Then I was bent on making something out of life my way.

DOMINION THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY was my new SEASON as the LORD had me be. I went through what His Eminence, the Arch Bishop Nicholas Ducan Williams simply puts as “THE PROCESS”
Within two years I had over twenty-four revealing and thought-provoking subjects to my credit. From teaching to counseling.

The most exciting was the ministry of prayer. It was then I knew what the Chancler meant by strategic pray. To GOD be the glory I am a product of this wonderful Alumina and have been sent out choosing my words very carefully ” to be a light” of this great commission. I come out to win souls for Christ.

Thank you to the Doctors, lectures, practicing servants of GOD including the Bishops. Thank you, Dr. Whitiker, Rev Ark and above all Thank you. You made it happen. May there be many more of you that his will be done. May your revolution of Charismatism be remembered amongst all saints world over.”Even before I was conceived he knew me” Jeremiah 1vrs 5


Mike Eghan Jr

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